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US/ Canada Food Labelling Compliance 

Online Regulatory Compliance Workshop looking at the labelling requirement for the US and Canadian markets.

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UK/ EU Food Labelling Compliance

An online Regulatory Workshop going into depth regarding labelling compliance requirements.

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BREXIT Preparedness: Import and Export Requirements

ONLINE workshop addressing Regulatory Requirements affecting SPS products for Import into and Export from the UK.

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BREXIT : Impact on UK Food Labelling

An online webinar addressing Regulatory changes affecting products sold in the UK and exported into the EU from the UK.

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Horizon Scanning

An online webinar providing food businesses with an overview of Regulatory developments that affect food and drink products sold in the UK.

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UK Organic Food and Drink Labelling Requirements

An online webinar providing food businesses with an overview of the latest Regulatory developments that affect Organic food and drink products. Affects products manufactured in the UK for the UK market and the EU market.

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EU Nutrition and Health Claims NEW COURSE

An online webinar that gives food businesses a detailed breakdown of the EU Nutrition Claims and how to search for and apply appropriate EU Nutrition and Health Claims.


I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Tessa for nearly 10 years and she is one of the best! I have total trust in Tessa’s ability to deliver for our clients and have always had 100% glowing reviews of her work and her as a person. Tessa has been one of my go to people for traditional interim contracts and well as bespoke consultancy projects that Harper Anderton offer.


Tom Apperley

UK Managing director, Harper Anderton Associates

Tessa is a very well organised and competent manager, it was a joy to work with her at Euphorium Bakery! Tessa also has a great eye for detail and copes well in high pressured environments.


Sarah Wolton

Interim Specifications Technologist | Euphorium Bakery

“Incredibly efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about working with Tessa. I have had the pleasure of working with her at Techni-K as she supported me in delivering training for client. She organized the setting up of the room and delegate materials and helped with the exercises and delegate questions, making the whole workshop run very smoothly. She has also assisted me with client work on supplier approval. I was impressed with her ability to communicate effectively with each supplier to obtain the information needed in a timely manner. That skill takes time to develop among specification technologists and seems to come easily to Tessa. Her friendly messages and emails during lockdown regularly cheered up our consultants’ group. Tessa would be an asset to any business.


Barbara Bray MBE | Director, Alo Solutions

Food Safety Expert & Nutrition Strategist For The Food Industry | TEDx Speaker | Food Safety Training

I worked with Tessa on a complex project, the project itself was a challenge as it was a new system and new customer. However Tessa thrived and took on the challenge, even working on a guide which troubleshooted everything we had encountered. Tessa was meticulous and kept me informed each day with constant communication on the status of her workload. I would recommend Tessa, she will be a valuable asset to any business!


Shaminder Mann

Interim Specifications Technologist, Greencore

Tessa is an amazing asset to our team of consultants. She is loyal, dedicated and fantastic at building relationships with our clients. Tessa is passionate about communication and so it’s no surprise that this is one of her key skills. Tessa has worked on a number of projects with us, completing specification work and recently has completed a project developing and writing a quality manufacturing system from scratch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tessa for any technical project, as her attitude, skill set and attention to detail means she can complete any task presented to her professionally and with ease.


Kassy Marsh

Techni K Consulting, Director

Tessa worked for me as part of a team on a major specifications project at Morrisons. Tessa quickly stood out as being highly organised, capable and experienced. Tessa worked with great pace and soon became the natural go to for colleagues working alongside her. Professional and personable, I have can highly recommend her. 


Craig Lavender

Senior Technical Manager - Produce , Wm Morrisons Supermarkets PLC

Tessa took on a short term contract though Harper Anderton and feedback from our client was fantastic following completion of the spec work. Her positivity, tenaciousness and hard work makes her a great interim manager to work with!


Kerrie Campbell

 Business Development & Recruitment Specialist, Harper Anderton

I hired Tessa from a telephone interview, she set up remotely, self trained on a new specification system and within a few short days quickly got to work writing specifications and building a raw material/packaging database. All this without ever meeting face to face. Very professional service, consistent, accurate and up to speed with regulatory requirements all delivered with bags of energy, I would hire Tessa again for future projects. 


Darren Moran

Interim Head of Technical, Greencore

I had the pleasure of having Tessa report into me on a couple of occasions, I would however more accurately describe it as working together. She is very intelligent, quick witted, honest, trustworthy and very precise. She understands the pressures that food businesses face and that deadlines are deadlines. The speed and accuracy of her work is exceptional. I tried to engage Tessa’s professional services since I last worked with her, but unfortunately other obligations prevented this. I know she will do a fantastic job for any of her future clients and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.


John Grace MSc. MBA.

Interim Technical Director S & A Foods Ltd

I have worked with Tessa extensively over the last number of years, and have introduced her to a number of clients, all of whom are effusive in their praise of Tessa's technical capability, particularly in the field of specification writing. Tessa has a breadth of knowledge technically, and she worked efficiently and professionally, ensuring her often challenging work is completed both to a high standard and well within agreed timescales, always in a communicative and collaborative fashion. I am always very happy to introduce Tessa to my most valued clients. 


Russell Edmonds

Co-Founder & Managing Director at Jacob Grey

The service from Tessa was excellent and very professional, couldn't ask for more. We were kept fully updated with the process steps and our retail customer was satisfied with the end result. Also, she was very easy to work with and met all of our deadlines. I'd be happy to work with her again.


Andras Banfai

Technical Manager (Freaks of Nature)

Tessa is a very conscientious person, and always striving to do the best that she can. Tessa will ensure that all of the information required is obtained and inputted, whilst chasing those and the information required in order to do so. A valued member of any team.


Iain Neal

Technical Design Manager (2 Sisters Food Group)

I worked with Tessa on a project where we were very short of time and the Specification Technologist responsible was unable to complete the work due to personal issues. I asked Tessa to help out and she really stepped up to the task. Tessa worked evenings and weekends to get the work completed on time and not only was everything finished on schedule, but there was almost no follow-up required on any of the work she had completed, simply because it was done properly and to the satisfaction of the customer.


Walter Anderson

Tulip (Interim Technical Manager)

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