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 Finished Product Specifications

Do you need extra resource for completion or updating finished product specifications for Regulatory updates, new product launches or another reason?

Finished Product Specifications are a vital part of the product lifecyle.

These documents provide in depth details about a food or drink product. They contain details like the recipe, nutrition, storage instructions, process parameters, food safety systems, quality parameters, products characteristics and other legal labelling information.
Retailer format specifications are much more detailed than specifications for branded products and require an in depth knowledge and understanding of customer codes of practise, as well as food safety and legal labelling requirements.

We need extra hands to get specifications completed for an upcoming product launch, can you help ?

Pack Copy Sent provides specification management packages to help you choose what works best for your business.
● Adhoc basis● Project basis● Retainer basis● Outsourced basis

Our Retailer customer has a new spec system and we don't know how to use it, can you help?

We have experience using a number of Retailer specification systems which have been launched on the market in the last few years.  
● Aldi Product Portal (APP)● Amazons Sandi 
If you have just won a contract with a Retailer and need to complete their own format specification or have a new team that needs additional support, use the contact form below to get in touch.

We have an upcoming project and need extra resource, can you help?

Yes, we can write specifications remotely and help you deliver specification submissions on time.
We can also audit and amend existing specifications as part of annual reviews across a number of platforms such as:
● Aldi APP
● Amazon Sandi
● CO-OP Core
● Morrisons Enterprise
● Iceland
● Bakkavor
● Brakes
● Tesco

We need to create a standardised spec format for the business, can you help us create one?

Yes, create Specifications for clients when they want to move away from using a variety of Raw Material Suppler formats and move towards a standardised format for their business.
Why you may ask, is that important.A standardised format helps your business to be in control of the questions they ask to meet their clients requirements. This helps with how efficiently information is managed for their Customers.

We need some support to get us through our annual business peak, can we set up annual support?

You may be surprised to know this is a common scenario in the Industry.
Specific times of the year are known to be busier than others due to your Customers annual range reviews or product launch cycles.
You may only need buffer support for 1- 3 months to get you through that busy period. Planning ahead for your peak periods helps you stay in control of you budget and plan your resource in advance.

We have a young team, and they need some support, what service do you offer?

We offer a mentoring service for one off, or ongoing needs.
This is really helpful when you want to ask a question/ be practically shown how to use the system via Teams/ Zoom, or if you need more in-depth training session on an aspect of how to use a system.
Having access to an experienced professional who can confidently navigate through a system and help you do the same will save your business time when you are working on submissions with tight deadlines.

We need someone who knows what they are doing, we are out of time completing this project? Why should we choose Pack Copy Sent?

Pack Copy Sent specialises in supporting Food Businesses with managing their Food Product Information. We save you time, money and headaches.
Sincerely, our references speak for themselves... ● Extensive Food Industry Knowledge● Plenty of references on our website or linked in● Lengthy Project Management experience● Impressive Knowledge of various Product Information Systems● In depth practical Understanding of Regulatory requirements● Vast Crisis / Problem Management experience● 24-36 hour turn-around times for the urgent scenarios. (Budget for extra staff).

How soon can you jump on board, can I get a quick zoom/ teams consultation with your specialist?

Send a message via the contact form below to arrange a call to discuss your business needs.

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