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Data Migration

Are there delays sending/receiving requests from your raw material suppliers for additional information?
Does it take long completing finished product specifications, using your suppliers own format specifications?
These are some areas food businesses lose time on email with their suppliers. What if there was another way...

I need extra hands to help get my data migration project done in time, can you help ?

Pack Copy Sent does provide resource/ support to help you complete your projects on time by being involved with different aspects of the data migration process.
● Preparing data to ensure transfer accuracy from the existing system to the new system.● Manual data transfer of the information.● Checking transferred information to ensure it is accurate against source text.● Completing product information in the new system that was not migrated over.● Organising a team for urgent work.

My quality control is not compliant, what is available for managing my product information?

There are a number of solution providers on the market offering services to manage your food product information.
We need to start by looking at the vision and direction for your business.
Often the solution is chosen when there are challenges, issues or problems a business is trying to manage.
The system you choose must be able to grow with your business. You want to avoid the costly and timely exercise of migrating data to a new systems with every new phase of growth you go through.
Get in touch for arrange a consultation to review your options.

All my suppliers use either word, excel or pdfs to send me their specifications, is there a more efficient way? 

As businesses grow they start to look at time spent on tasks eg... communicating with suppliers, sending information requests and co-ordinating the return of the information.
Moving from manual management of files to electronic centralised systems becomes a priority.
The greatest drivers are ● time, ● money, ● knowledge gaps. 
There is no doubt that a software solution to help you manage your data will benefit your business. 
Please keep in mind that most software solutions also offer additional benefits in other areas that weren't your main area of focus.

This all sounds a bit technical...What is Data Migration?

Data Migration is a complex process which involves the transfer or movement of information from one Product Information Management System (P.I.M.) to another.
This is a process which your new software provider would be able to discuss with you as part of the process of onboarding the new system you will be using.

I have just found a solution provider for managing my data,...How is data migrated?

The data can be transferred in a number of ways depending on the service you are paying for with your new solution provider:
● manually (where data is input into the new system by a member of staff, which involves typing it in).● electronically (your solution provider will program the transfer for a scheduled time to move the data with the aid of a computerised system)● electronically with manual additions (sometimes an electronic transfer may not be wholly compatible with the receiving fields and so there are gaps which will need to be manually completed following the electronic transfer).

When is data migrated?

In the Food and Beverage Industry Data Migration takes place when businesses want to move their food product information onto a new or different software system.
It could be the first time they are using a system or maybe their are moving from one service provider to another one.
Food Product Information includes but is not exclusive to Recipes, Nutrition Information, Supply Chain Approval, Finished Product Specifications.

We need someone who knows what they are doing, we are out of time completing this project? Why should we choose Pack Copy Sent?

Pack Copy Sent specialises in supporting Food Businesses with managing their Food Product Information. We save you time, money and headaches.
Sincerely, our references speak for themselves... ● Extensive Food Industry Knowledge● Plenty of references on our website or linked in● Lengthy Project Management experience● Impressive Knowledge of various Product Information Systems● In depth practical Understanding of Regulatory requirements● Vast Crisis / Problem Management experience● 24-36 hour turn-around times for the urgent scenarios. (Budget for extra staff).

How soon can you jump on board, can I get a quick zoom/ teams consultation with your specialist?

Send us a message via the contact form below so we can arrange a call to discuss your business needs.

Data Migration Projects

Pack Copy Sent provide off site resource whether you need one person or more to work alongside your existing team. Our expertise and specialist skills enable you to complete your projects on time with confidence. Here are some of the projects we have worked on for our clients.


Background:A large Bakery Group were introducing a new Recipe management tool to standardise product information during the product development stage.
Pack Copy Sents involvement:Pack Copy Sent was approached to provide a hand picked team of Technologists to validate and build over 600 raw material records with the Point 74 Software system within a 6 week period, which was successful. 
Aspects of the project role included:● Validating migrated raw material records against source text to ensure data integrity.● Building new raw material records within the system.


Background:In 2020 Aldi launched their new Product Information Management system platform APP (Aldi Product Pathway). Product Information was moved from the SGS managed 'Prestige' platform to the Ashbury Managed 'APP' platform.
Pack Copy Sents involvement:Pack Copy Sent provided a Senior Technologist to Project Manage Product Information for the Aldi Account across 13 sites for a large Poultry Group. 
Aspects of the project role included:● Building product information in the new system.● Ensuring all manufacturing sites were set up in the new system.● Writing finished product specifications in the new system.● Tracking and checking migrated work in progress specifications in the new system before they became active.


Background:In 2018 M&S invested in the PLuM system as a tool for management of product information such as finished product specifications, raw materials information, packaging information and artwork files.
Pack Copy Sents involvement:Pack Copy Sent provided a Technologist to be site representative to M&S in relation to delivering the project and troubleshooting issues. 
Aspects of the project role included:● Managing and completing manual data uploads of product information for all finished product specifications, raw materials information, packaging information and artwork files.● Secondment to another site within the group to complete and build all product files for products produced at that site.


Background:A manufacturers of Bakery goods required support to populate their entire existing product range onto the Creations system version 3.1.1, for over 70 speciality bakery lines.
Pack Copy Sent's involvement:Pack Copy Sent provided a Technologist to write all specifications onto an Inspex template, then import them into the Creations system and finally make additional amends to the specifications in Creations in preparation for importing into the retailers spec systems for Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose.
Aspects of the project role included:● Building data in the Creations system● Electronic migration of data into the Retailers Own Specification System.● Manually adding in additional information into the migrated files.● Taking imported specifications through the approval process.

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