BREXIT: Products of Animal Origin UK Import Requirements 1st July 2022

BREXIT: Products of Animal Origin UK Import Requirements 1st July 2022

In 2022 there are some changes to the process for importing products of animal origin (POAO) into the UK. The changes are a result of the Great Britain leaving the EU.

Starting from 1st July 2022 The UK Government is taking a phased approach to the allow businesses time to adapt to the changes in requirements. Click on the link HERE to read page 8 of ‘The UK Government ‘The Border with the European Union- Importing and Exporting Goods’ Guide.’

Documentation such as Export Health Certificates (EHCs) & Commercial Documents will need to be provided for each consignment, and physical checks will start to be implemented. 

EHCs are required to be completed by the relevant authority in the originating country and then certified and uploaded onto IPAFFs prior to the consignment arriving in GB

There will be 3 phases that will be introduced, and each phase will incorporate specific commodity groups for products of animal origin, animal by-products, plant and plant products.

"From 1 July 2022, certification and physical and identity checks will be introduced for: • All remaining regulated animal by-products • All regulated plants and plant products • All meat and meat products • All remaining high-risk food not of animal origin. From 1 September 2022, certification and physical checks will be introduced for all dairy products. From 1 November 2022, certification and physical checks will be introduced for all remaining regulated products of animal origin, including composite and fish products. Live animal checks will also begin in stages incrementally moving from the point of destination to border control posts from 1 July 2022 as facilities become available and are appropriately designated."

What business can do now to prepare

  1. Identify products in your product portfolio that are affected by the changes and categorise them.
  2. Identify the correct documentation needed for each product in your product portfolio according to their categorisation.
  3. Set up processes to ensure all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities

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